Challenge-based funding sets out a specific issue to be addressed at the outset – the challenge. Challenges should be visionary, inspirational but achievable and have transformative potential if successfully addressed. 

Challenge-based funding is focused on the delivery of solutions, maximizing the potential for societal impact.  Science Foundation Ireland is designing and implementing a number of challenge-based funding opportunities where there is evidence for a strong underpinning role for cutting-edge science and engineering to contribute to addressing significant global challenges in areas including health and well-being, climate change, energy, food and water security, and sustainable development.  

SFI has commenced these activities with a number of SFI Future Innovator Prize opportunities which include both open and themed calls. SFI is working with interdisciplinary teams who are focused on delivering solutions that will make a difference to society.  To find the most innovative and impactful solutions, innovator teams are competing in highly competitive process including stage gated release of funding, tight delivery timeframes and the opportunity to secure a final prize award.