The Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG) brings together Ireland’s leading geoscience experts to work on developing safe and secure groundwater supplies, discovering mineral and aggregate deposits, de-risking oil and gas exploration, and educating and informing the public on geoscience-related issues.

The centre has €26 million in funding and will support 150 researchers once it is fully up and running.

Research Areas

  • Raw materials – mineral/aggregate geoscience
  • Marine – marine geoscience
  • Groundwater – hydrogeology/hydrology
  • Hydrocarbons – petroleum geoscience
  • Geochemistry, geophysics, 3D geological modelling, and public perception and understanding

Research Programmes

Forming an integrated team of internationally leading researchers and both large- and small-scale industry partners, iCRAG will carry out research which will help in the discovery and harnessing of Ireland’s natural resources, such as its world class Zn-Pb mineral deposits, its untapped hydrocarbon resources in challenging NE Atlantic deep water environments, and its important and environmentally sensitive seabed and groundwater resources.

Academic Partners

Industry and Commercialisation

The technology developed by iCRAG takes the form of soft-knowledge, data, methods, protocols, policy documents and software. This technology helps companies discover and develop natural resources for the mutual benefit of the companies and Ireland.


  • Apex Geoservices
  • AWN Consulting
  • Boliden
  • BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd
  • BRG
  • Byrne Looby
  • Cairn Energy PLC
  • Chevron North Sea Ltd
  • Designer Group
  • ENI Ireland BV
  • Europa Oil and Gas (Holdings) Plc
  • FLI Group
  • GDG
  • Geoscience Ireland
  • Geoserv
  • Group Eleven Mining & Exploration Ltd
  • Geological Survey of Ireland
  • Homebond
  • IE Consulting
  • IGSL
  • International Lithium Corp.
  • Intersocial Consulting
  • Irish Drilling
  • JB Barry & Partners
  • Kosmos Energy LLC
  • LTMS
  • Lundin Mining
  • Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd
  • Meehan Drilling
  • Murphy Surveys
  • Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd
  • Nicholas O'Dwyer
  • Pavement Management Services
  • Petroleum Affrairs Division
  • Priority Drilling
  • Providence Resources Plc
  • PW Mining
  • PW Nigeria
  • QME
  • Reposol Ecploración SA
  • Rubicon Heritage
  • Serica Energy Plc
  • Shell E&P Ireland Ltd
  • SLR
  • Sorhill Advocates Pty Ltd
  • Sosina Exploration Ltd
  • SRK Consulting
  • Statoil (UK) ltd
  • Teck Ireland
  • Tobin
  • Tobin Consulting
  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Trench Control
  • Trevali Mining Corp
  • Tullow Oil Plc
  • Verde Environmental Group
  • Woodside Energy (ireland) PTY Ltd


A comprehensive suite of analytical and modelling resources
Platform facilities in geophysics, geochemistry and 3D modelling

Education and Public Engagement

Education and Public Engagement (EPE) is central to activities in iCRAG, and is informed by research on public perception and understanding of geoscience. The Centre’s twin objectives are to foster an interest and understanding of applied geoscience in the general population and to enhance the ability of iCRAG researchers to effectively communicate their research to a non-specialist audience. Initiatives include:

Primary school visits with “Micro-Geo” and “Fossil Hunt” workshops
The “Science Apprentice – Energy and Resources” magazine for primary schools
Smart Futures geoscience career visits to post-primary schools and Transition Year placement programmes
Collaboration with the Thesis in 3 and FameLab science communication competitions
Geoscience Film and Q&A nights

Key Contact Details

Prof Balz Kamber
Deputy Director

Dr Jennifer Craig
Centre Manager

Dr Fergus Mc Auliffe
Communications Manager

Deirdre Clayton
Programme Manager